20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Worked at Disney Parks

Wayne Brady

Comedian/actor Wayne Brady had a very unique experience working at Disney World. A native of Orlando, Brady first worked at the park portraying the character Tigger. A natural athlete, he was adept at dancing within the costume. On one of those humid Florida days, he actually passed out in the costume due to heat stroke. Eventually, the park transitioned Brady to a live dance show in Tomorrowland.

However, Brady was also still portraying the noteworthy tiger in costume from time to time. Disney characters have strict rules in which they aren’t allowed to talk to guests. Instead, they’re supposed to operate with mime movements. One aggressive patron — who claimed to be a very influential guest — tried to skip the picture line as a means to get her child a picture with Tigger. Brady didn’t think this was right, and as such didn’t grant the request. As it turned out, the woman went to Disney and made up a story in which she said Brady pinched her child (which is physically impossible since he has a costume wearing paws without thumbs or fingers). Regardless, Brady was unceremoniously fired from the park due to the incident.

Image Sources: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images