16 Candidates for the Lead Roles in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Remake

It was recently announced that the classic film, White Men Can’t Jump, would be receiving a remake. Kenya Barris, the creator of the show Black-ish, will be developing this film with producers, Blake Griffin (yes, that Blake Griffin), and Ryan Kalil (Pro-Bowl Center for the Carolina Panthers). This highly anticipated remake is definitely going to have actors in Hollywood fighting for the roles of Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane. Let’s take a look at who we believe are some of the leading candidates to play this dynamic duo on the big screen.

Starting with the role of Billy Hoyle:

Miles Teller

Teller is one of the most popular, young actors of the moment. He absolutely has the acting chops, as seen in Whiplash, and he showed his comedic talent alongside Jonah Hill in War Dogs. And although it’s not clear if he has any basketball skill, he has already proved some athletic ability when he played boxer, Vinny Pazienza, in the film, Bleed for This. Additionally, Teller has been seen in public rocking a backwards hat similar to that of Billy Hoyle. So the other aspects of the role shouldn’t be much of a stretch for him.

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter