The Top 25 College Basketball Programs With The Most Positive Outlooks Over The Next 5 Years

25. Michigan

Juwan Howard’s tenure at his alma mater has been a bit of a mixed bag. Last year, he went 19-15 — just narrowly getting into the NCAA Tournament field. Through 13 games (as of Jan. 3, 2023), the team is only 8-5. Despite these marks, Howard does have a Sweet 16 appearance and an Elite Eight appearance in only three years as the head coach.

Reports indicate that he did turn down overtures from the NBA in favor of staying in Ann Arbor (where he’s currently coaching his kids). Howard is still so young and highly respected, that jumping to the NBA once his kids leave college wouldn’t be a huge shock. As such, we’re putting a bit of a ceiling on this program at the moment.

Image Source: Getty Images