FINALLY, The Ultimate Sports App You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here

Are you tired of filtering through sports news concerning teams you couldn’t care less about? So are we.

If you’re a die-hard Duke basketball fan, you’re not interested in what Stephen Curry’s daughter is doing at a Warriors press conference, right? At New Arena, we figured out a solution to this.

The result is SportsTrackerX – a completely customizable Google Chrome extension that lets you focus on the teams you care about most. It has become so taxing to sift through irrelevant material and keep track of when your favorite teams are playing, what channel the game will be on, and what the betting line is, but SportsTrackerX makes all of this easy.

The process is extremely simple – select your favorite team(s) from each respective sport and SportsTrackerX will create a totally customized sports site for you. With access to each team’s social media updates, upcoming game times, and the option to be alerted via email or text message before the game starts, you will never miss another game!

We have been using SportsTrackerX for some time, and couldn’t be more excited with the results. We are finally able to filter out news we don’t care about, while also having access to Yahoo! Sports and NewArena’s latest content.

Now, we are making this awesome extension available to each of you! Simply click here and change the way you receive sports news forever.

You can thank us later.

Source: Yahoo! Sports