This Explorer Claims He’s Found An Alien Spaceship Hidden Beneath The Waves Of The Bermuda Triangle

Image: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery Communications / Discovery Channel via Daily Star

It was actually a search for old English shipwrecks that had led Darrell Miklos to the Bahamas. But as the treasure hunter roved the seabed inside a hi-tech submersible, he laid eyes on something unexpected. Incredibly, he’d found a vast and unfathomable structure that appears to be neither natural nor manmade. What the structure is, where it has come from and who – or what – may have built it were a complete mystery…

Image: Wander

The Bermuda Triangle – also nicknamed the Devil’s Triangle – has a notorious reputation for weird happenings. The area in question covers a triangular stretch of ocean between the southern tip of Florida and the Caribbean islands of Bermuda and Puerto Rico. And it is, according to popular myth, a vortex of unexplained disasters. In fact, some 75 aircraft together with oceangoing vessels numbering in the hundreds have gone missing there – and yet nobody really knows why.