Ranking the 22 Greatest “Mario” Games Ever

19. Mario Tennis

Mario’s first foray into the sports genre was with Mario Golf – which did well in its own right – but there’s only so much you can do with a sport as arduous as golf. Nintendo’s next attempt was more successful in the highly-entertaining Mario Tennis. The game actually does a decent job of making a quality tennis game, but it wouldn’t be a true Mario title without over-the-top power-ups – which there are plenty of. Filled with the whole cast of characters (including Waluigi’s introduction to the series), Mario Tennis stands the test of time and served as the prototype for sports titles in the series for years to come.

18. Super Mario Bros.

It wouldn’t feel right making a list of Mario games without including the game that started it all. Super Mario Bros. served as the console primer – Mario had only been in arcades up until then – to one of the greatest series in the history of gaming. It introduced gamers to the most athletic plumber in the world, his brother, a distraught princess, and a highly volatile giant turtle and his henchmen. The game was simple in its controls and successfully captivated audiences for years. A launching point for the iconic series, this game will live in video game history for the rest of eternity.

Image Sources: Nintendo World Report, Nintendo