RANKED: The 25 Greatest Sports Video Games Of All-Time

25. Wii Sports

Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Top Star: You
Hidden Gems: Friends, Family

The game that came with every purchase of new Nintendo Wii, Wii Sports gave consumers a taste of what Nintendo’s newest system was capable of. Sports included baseball, tennis, boxing, bowling and golf, all centered around intuitive controls that made the game easy to pick up and play. It was everybody’s first game for the system, and is one of the most memorable Nintendo Wii games to date.

24. Top Spin 4

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360
Top Stars: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams
Hidden Gems: Andy Roddick, Eugenie Bouchard

When broken down, every tennis video game is essentially an evolution on Pong. We’ve come a long way.

Top Spin 4 is the quintessential ball-and-racket simulator, filled with professionals that perfectly exemplify their real life counter parts. The graphics were mesmerizing for the time, and it features the signature brilliant 2K presentation style. Put down the Pong, pick up Top Spin 4.

Image Sources: YouTube, PlayStation