RANKED: The Best Possible Starting 5 For Every NBA Franchise

Players were placed on teams based upon an imperfect combination of several factors including impact on the franchise, length of tenure, and overall skill. In order to build the best starting fives possible, lineups were assembled with positions as more of a loose idea. You will see a number of players playing one spot up or down from their natural position (i.e. Olajuwon and Kareem playing power forward).

For entertainment and discussion purposes, players were only allowed to represent one franchise.

Let's dive in and see how the 30 franchises stack up against each other:

30. New Orleans Pelicans: Tyreke Evans-Eric Gordon-Rasual Butler-David West-Anthony Davis

6th Man: P.J. Brown

Since we can only use players who have played for the newly established Pelicans franchise, we don’t have a whole lot of choices to select from. Considering that the active trio of Evans, Gordon (now on the Rockets), and Davis won just 30 games last season, the All-Time New Orleans team would struggle to make the playoffs in the current NBA, let alone compete against the greatest teams ever assembled. Despite Anthony Davis' dominance and sky-high ceiling, placing them last on this list was a no-brainer.

29. Milwaukee Bucks: Sidney Moncrief-Michael Redd-Glenn Robinson-Marques Johnson-Bob Lanier

6th Man: Bob Dandridge

Unfortunately for the Bucks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar changed his name from Lew Alcindor and won five of his six championships in Los Angeles, severely crippling the All-Time Bucks lineup. Michael Redd and Glenn Robinson provide nice, modern scoring options, but are overshadowed by most other wings in our fictional league. Although Moncrief and Lanier don’t quite get the credit they deserve historically, the lack of a true point guard would almost assuredly land the All-Time Bucks in the hypothetical lottery.

28. Brooklyn Nets: Jason Kidd-Drazen Petrovic-Richard Jefferson-Derrick Coleman-Brook Lopez

6th Man: Buck Williams

Kidd runs the show with an interesting cast of talents. He’s able to reunite with his old pal Richard Jefferson and link up with the sharp shooting Drazen Petrovic, making this backcourt an absolute terror to defend in transition situations. Both Coleman and Lopez were/are great talents, but their lack of end-to-end speed runs contrary to Kidd’s preferred style of play. It would be a fun team to watch if they get it going offensively, but this squad has too many minus defenders outside of Kidd to truly do any damage.

27. Dallas Mavericks: Rolando Blackman-Michael Finley-Jamal Mashburn-Dirk Nowitzki-Tyson Chandler

6th Man: Jason Terry

Becoming a franchise in 1980, the Mavericks struggled early on. Rolando Blackman is the sole player to make the All-Time team from those early Dallas teams, making four All-Star appearances in his 11 years with the franchise. Dirk is a no-brainer as he’s cemented his legacy as the face of the franchise with his 2011 playoff run. The rest of the lineup is tricky, as the Mavericks are known for constantly shuffling pieces around during the Mark Cuban-era. Finley enjoyed his best scoring years during his nine seasons in Dallas - the most amount of time he spent with any organization. Jamal Mashburn fizzled out earlier in his career than most had hoped, but his early years with the Mavs were the pinnacle of his career. Chandler and Terry make the team for their contributions to the 2011 championship, and are excellent role players to surround Dirk with. The All-Time Mavs could potentially win a lot of games, but would need a Herculean effort from Dirk to stand a chance against the elite teams.