RANKED: The 22 Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History

18. Jeff Hornacek

Three-pointers made: 828 (outside top 50 all-time)
Three-pointers attempted: 2,055
Three-point percentage: 40.3%

New York’s new head coach was also a dead-eye shooter during his career that spanned 14 seasons. Hornacek flirted with the 50-40-90 club on several occasions, and was consistently near the top of the league leaders in three-point percentage. Getting open looks from greats like Stockton, Malone, Tom Chambers and Kevin Johnson helps, but you still have to make the shot, which Hornacek did time and time again.

17. Mitch Richmond

Three-pointers made: 1,326 (35th all-time)
Three-pointers attempted: 3,419
Three-point percentage: 38.8%

There’s something to be said for a player that is efficient from three while being the number one scoring option on his team. Mitch Richmond was a prolific scorer from every spot on the court, but when teams were worried about him getting to the basket, he burned them from the outside. He could create for himself, come off screens, or fire away in transition. In his heyday, Richmond could do it all and was one of the best three-point bombers in the league.

Image Sources: RantSports, realGM