RANKED: The 20 Greatest Dunkers In NBA History From #20 to #1

14. Spud Webb

The shortest member on the list, Spud Webb was a trailblazer for smaller guys that had giant aspirations. Webb doesn’t have many in-game dunks to his name, but what he will remembered for were his appearances in the Slam Dunk Contests, most notably his victory over teammate Dominique Wilkins. It almost looked unrealistic when Webb would seemingly soar up to the rim to throw one down, and that’s what made him so special. You have to see it to believe it, and Webb gave every single vertically challenged fan hope that one day they could throw it down despite their height.

Image Source: AL.com

13. Aaron Gordon

After putting on a spectacular show in the 2016 Dunk Contest, Aaron Gordon is shooting up this list at a frightening pace. For the past few years, fans have been disappointed with the contest, citing that virtually every dunk has been done before. Gordon put those beliefs to rest. Essentially every dunk that Gordon did in this past year's contest hadn’t been seen before or at least was modified enough to keep it fresh. His under-both legs dunk is one of the very best in contest history, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store if he competes in 2017.

Image Source: CBS Sports