RANKED: The 20 Greatest Dunkers In NBA History From #20 to #1

16. Gerald Green

Green was a rare breed as a dunker, equipped with great size, leaping ability and creativeness. Although known for his multiple appearances during All-Star Weekend, Green has several memorable in-game dunks on his resume as well. One of the very few players to win both the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and the McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest, Gerald Green has been terrorizing rims for the better part of his entire life.

Image Source: The Sports Geeks

15. Clyde Drexler

You don’t get a nickname like “The Glyde” solely because your first name rhymes with it. You have to be able to live up to that moniker and Clyde Drexler did just that with his astounding leaping ability. Drexler was a springy jumper that could rise in an instant when his feet touched the floor. Although he never captured a Slam Dunk title, his various in-game dunks that includes a couple of take-offs from the free throw line are more than enough for him to warrant a spot on this list.

Image Source: Frosti Bjarnason