RANKED: The 20 Best Prep-to-Pro Players In NBA History

18. Andrew Bynum

Having a career cut short due to multiple significant injuries, Andrew Bynum is the classic case of potential that was never fully realized. A force on both ends of the floor, it’s surreal to think that it was just five years ago when Bynum was arguably the second best big man in the league behind Dwight Howard. A trade that coincidentally involved both big men sent Bynum to the 76ers, a team that he ended up never playing a single game for. Injuries and a questionable attitude prevented any chance of Bynum reaching his enormous potential.

Image Source: Business Insider

17. Al Harrington

Coming into the draft, Harrington was regarded as a defensive ace that would be able to effectively guard multiple positions. It wasn’t until coaches discovered Harrington couldn’t stay in front of wings that he began to experience success at the NBA level. He thrived in the stretch four role for a number of years and was a matchup nightmare during the 2000’s. Harrington played a big role in the Warriors' upset over the #1 seeded Dallas Mavericks in the 2006 season and also had success playing for the Hawks, Knicks and Nuggets. Harrington is the perfect reminder of how difficult it is to evaluate the way high school talent will translate to the NBA game.

Image Source: Slam Online