2015 NBA Re-Draft: The Year of the Unicorn

26. San Antonio Spurs - Tyus Jones

Original Spot For Jones: 24th Overall
Original 26th Pick: Nikola Milutinov

The National Title game star has struggled early on in his career. A change of scenery could drastically change the course of Jones’ career. He’s not afraid of the big moments -- evidenced by his performance against Wisconsin in the 2014 collegiate title game. Coach Gregg Popovich has done wonders over the years developing in Tony Parker and Patty Mills (among others). Pop could have made a serious impact on Jones if he had been given the chance.

25. Memphis Grizzlies - Justin Anderson

Original Spot For Anderson: 21st Overall
Original 25th Pick: Jarell Martin

Anderson fits the bill of the Grizzlies grit’n’grind style. A menace to ball handlers and post players alike, Anderson could develop into an elite-level defender in due time. His outside shot is shaky at best, but that’s nothing new for a team that employs Tony Allen.

Image Sources: Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports, Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports