The Most Overrated Player In The History Of Each MLB Franchise

Baltimore Orioles: Cal Ripken Jr.

Let’s just get this out of the way… Ripken is without a doubt worthy of the Hall of Fame. He is a fabulous player, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t overrated. The Baltimore legend had 11 seasons where he hit below .270. Sure he hit over 400 home runs, but he only surpassed 30 in one season. He was slow, hit in to far too many double plays, and barely got on base more than the league average. Ripken is a legend, he just isn’t as great as people are led to believe.

Image Source: David Ake/Getty Images

Boston Red Sox: Jason Varitek

Varitek was always admired by the Boston faithful, but the admiration peaked when the Red Sox catcher shoved Alex Rodriguez in the face. That moment will live on forever in Red Sox lore, but people shouldn’t remember Varitek as a great player. His .256 career batting average is middling, but worse is his percentage throwing out base runners. The Boston backstop threw out a meager 24 percent of base stealers.

Image Source: Jim Rogash/Stringer/Getty Images

New York Yankees: Roger Maris

Roger Maris’ name is synonymous with the number 61. For 37 years, Maris held the single-season home run record until Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa blew past his mark. Because Maris held the record for over three decades, many are under the impression that the Yankee outfielder must have been an all-time great. That impression would be wrong. Outside of his 61 HR season, Maris had a rather pedestrian career.

For a stretch of three years (1960-62), Maris was a star — slugging 133 homers and capturing two MVP’s. Over the course of his career however, Maris was only a .260 hitter. In the other nine seasons of his 12-year career, Maris hit a total of 142 HR. He will always be remembered for breaking Babe Ruth’s single-season HR record, but Maris is a vastly overrated player.

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