Divers Say They’ve Discovered The World’s Oldest Intact Shipwreck At The Bottom Of The Black Sea

Image: Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project via New York Post

It’s late 2017, and the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project team are exploring the seafloor using the most advanced technology. This is the third year in which the team have worked in the Black Sea off the Bulgarian coast. And while they’ve previously discovered the remains of some 60 wrecks, now they find a shipwreck that stands out from all the others. It’s a truly unique and astonishing discovery.

Image: Google Maps

Run by the University of Southampton in England, the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) involves an international team of scientists. And interestingly, when the project first started in 2015, searching for ancient sunken vessels wasn’t even on the team’s agenda. No, their initial aim was to study the impacts of sea level and climate changes since the last ice age.