RANKED: 40 Best Reality Shows of All-Time

40. Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Gordon Ramsay desires perfection in the kitchen. He’s also known for possessing a ridiculously explosive personality. In this cooking competition show, Ramsay simulated a restaurant-like environment with two separate teams. The winning contestant would be given the opportunity to run their own restaurant. While this sounds like it’d be a relatively calm show, you likely haven’t heard Ramsay hurl expletives at you (particularly if your beef wellington is undercooked).

39. Basketball Wives

As the title would suggest, the show follows the wives, girlfriends, and those romantically involved to NBA players. Of course, no reality show would be complete without some sort of contrived drama. Currently in the seventh season of the show, it’s one of the most popular ones to air on VH1. Created by Shaunie O’Neal (ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal), some of the cast includes Evelyn Lozada (ex-partner of Antoine Walker and Chad Ochocinco), Tami Roman (ex-wife of Kenny Anderson), Tasha Marbury (wife of Stephon Marbury), and Jackie Christie (wife of Doug Christie).

Image Sources: Cactus Hugs, Atlanta Black Star