Captain America: The Ultimate Superhero

Marvel Universe contains the most popular superheroes across the board (sorry DC).   Each year, Marvel produces 1-to-3 high-budget action superhero films that make people everywhere wish they were an Avenger. I’m here to argue one Avenger in the movies is superior to the rest.

His name is Captain America.

First of all, just the name fills your soul with American pride and glory. The thought of Captain America inspires fighting off evil — even if it means getting beat up in an alley. The name itself never sounds dull or cheesy. Say it again and again…you’ll just be filled with more pride and confidence to do justice in the world (unlike other Marvel names *cough Magneto cough*).

Steve Rogers is a true American hero. Even as a small, sick, goofy twig, he stood up to bullies. He would’ve taken a beating all day if it meant someone else wouldn’t have to. Rogers never sulked or shied away from an adversary. In fact, he tried multiple times to enlist in the army despite lying on his forms and being rejected every time. Rogers didn’t give up — as he had a fire in his heart to defend his country. He was simply willing to do anything to make that dream a possibility. Even more, Rogers didn’t want to fight Germans for the glory or recognition. He wanted to fight on the front lines because he knew it was the right thing to do. Rogers was already a hero before he became Captain America.

There’s one defining moment in which we realize Rogers’ selflessness, passion, and bravery. It takes place in The First Avenger — when Colonel Phillips throws a fake grenade into the group of troops. Rogers is the sole soldier to jump on it and protect his friends. After this, Rogers continues to prove that he has always been a hero.

Throughout the Captain America trilogy and the Avenger series, Cap strives to do right by everyone. When Bucky returns in Winter Soldier, we see the compassionate, loyal Rogers stopping at nothing to save his friend from Russian puppet masters. His acts of kindness and mercy spark Bucky’s memory for snippets of time — ultimately delivering him out of a robot-like state. Eventually, Bucky saves Cap and leaves him on a river bank.

We cannot forget about Peggy Carter. If you’ve ever wondered what a true gentleman looks like, it’s Rogers. Unlike the other soldiers, Rogers instantly respects Carter as his superior, and treats her as an equal. Once he becomes Captain America, he remains humble. He could’ve easily realized he turned into a superhuman ‘superhunk’ with a Gaston-esque charm, but he didn’t. Instead, Cap adheres to his chivalry and simply hoped for a first dance with Peggy. He visits her in the hospital as she lays dying — with only love in his eyes and a sadness that he never got the opportunity for that dance.

Rogers was confronted by Tony Stark and the Secretary of State in Civil War. He then was asked to sign accords to essentially give the government control over the Avengers. Instead of acquiescing to this request, Cap stood firm in his resolve to retain control. It wasn’t because he was power hungry. Rather, it was because he knew the government wouldn’t give them the freedom and permissions necessary to combat evil when needed. He remained resolute and gathered a couple other Avengers to his side, effectively making themselves renegades. This is one of the most poignant examples Cap gives us of why he is the ultimate superhero. He loves his country so much so that he risked his body for scientific experimentation. This would in turn allow him to join the army. Yet, he resisted the government because he knew he could not save citizens under their regulations. Ultimately, Cap fights for his own friends in an epic battle to keep their autonomy.  

We could go on about his personality all day, but even down to the true definition of a superhero, Cap fits the mold. Iron Man, Falcon, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Black Widow have skills and armor that make them superheroes, but not inherently. Cap, Thor, Spider-Man, and Hulk are truly the only ones that are superhuman — either by some chemical test or being born a God. Reduce Captain America to just his hands, and he’s still capable of defeating villains and surviving a plane crash which landed him in ice for 50 years.

At the end of the day, Captain America is truly the one superhero never needing a humbling experience to become a good guy. He never went through a rebellious stage or questioned whether he should continue doing what he’s doing. He’s not easily tempted by women, money, fame, or glory. Captain America is loyal, strong, fearless, and the superhero every little kid aspires to be.

Plus, have you seen his arms? Those need to be federally protected.

Image Source: Playbuzz