18 Best Cities To Visit In Europe On A Budget

It’s finally time.

Many reach a place where “going to Europe” seems like a rite of passage. European customs have been embedded in some form or fashion within the United States dating back to its conception. We are influenced by European culture — which largely includes fashion, food, music, and sports. Though Europe is comprised of 50 countries, Americans generally view it as a gigantic wonderland.

Assuming you’ve decided to make the trek across the pond (aka the Atlantic Ocean), it would be wise to get a grasp on how pricey this trip may ultimately become. Surely, you’re wanting to check out the staples (London, Paris, Rome). Little do people realize that for the most part, Europe is more expensive than it is here in the States. As such, that $5 value meal at McDonald’s will likely be $15 in Stockholm or Oslo. Assuming you’re traveling on a budget, the following cities make the most sense when trying to the best bang for your buck.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Nestled in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is a relative unknown in regards to the mainstream traveler. We often hear of Eastern Europe — namely in regards to Hungary and the Balkans region. However, Bulgaria (and more specifically the city of Sofia) is a gem worth checking out. The city is imprinted with an extensive cultural history. At various points, the land was occupied by the Greeks, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union, and also the Romans. These differing regimes are reflected terrifically in the beautiful architecture. From a monetary standpoint, Sofia is one of the cheapest cities in all of Europe. Drinks can be had at a local pub for under $2. The young generation are very proficient when it comes to speaking English. Duly, one can opt for a decent hostel (roughly $10) or even at a 4-star hotel (likely less than $75 per night). While Sofia might not have the cachet of more popular cities, there’s plenty to do and see here.

Image Source: Dronestagram