A List Of The 19 Must-See Netflix Original Shows


13th is one of the most powerful documentaries distributed by Netflix. The title is in reference to the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution — which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude (except as a punishment for a crime). Director Ana DuVernay tackles a myriad of hot-button issues within the country. Her portrayal insists that current issues such as disenfranchisement, mass incarceration, and the utilization of minorities in political ploys harked back to the time of slavery. The documentary features many prevalent political figures. It also is exceptionally well-crafted — particularly with the tense nature surrounding race-relations in the current climate of the United States.

The White Helmets 

Syria is the most volatile country as it currently stands across the world’s vast landscape. The Civil War has raged on for years, and it’s involved not only the terrorist group ISIS, but also a host of other countries. Amidst the perpetual warfare are innocent people — trapped by tangible rubble from bombing as well as unrelenting gunfire. A rescue team named The White Helmets (also the Syria Civil Defense) set out to rescue those civilians in danger of being killed. This includes perilous medical evacuations and the act of literally digging people out from under smoldering ruins. The benevolence and courage demonstrated here is utterly phenomenal. Be sure to break out the Kleenex…a scene in which a 10-day old baby is rescued from under rubble will bring tears to your eyes.