20 Facts About Seinfeld Even The Biggest Fans Didn’t Know

Snarky Salutations

Jerry Seinfeld’s on-screen adversary for the entire series was down-the-hall neighbor Newman (played by Wayne Knight). The phrase “Hello, Newman” became a nation-wide catch phrase all throughout the ’90s. Interestingly enough, Seinfeld only uttered the phrase 15 times in nine seasons. It seemed as if Newman was ‘greeted’ by this statement virtually every time he entered a scene.

Image Source: Kramer’s Apartment

A Single Name

Whilst on the topic of Newman, the character doesn’t have a first name. During one episode, the audience got an up-close look at one of his business cards. It simply stated ‘NEWMAN’ as opposed to a full first and last name combination. Even in court, one judge referred to Knight’s character as “Mr. Newman.”

Image Source: GIPHY