20 Facts About Jordan Peele You Definitely Didn’t Know

Nearly an SNL Cast Member

Back in 2008, Peele was linked to the job of portraying Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live. It was during the Writers Guild of America strike, and Peele nearly jumped ship from Mad TV to SNL. In the end, Peele didn’t make the cut, and the role was awarded to Fred Armisen, and then later, Jay Pharoah.

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The Mad Comedian

After performing regularly at comedy shows throughout the country, Peele caught his first big break becoming a full-time cast member on the sketch comedy program Mad TV. This is where Peele would end up teaming up with fellow comedian and future partner-in-comedy, Keegan-Michael Key.

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First Gig

The immensely successful Peele had plenty of road blocks to get where he is today. At a young age, Peele couldn’t manage to scavenge many roles as an actor. In an effort to pay the bills, Peele got his first ‘real’ job working in a toy store in Manhattan. The name of the store was The Enchanted Forest.

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