17 Underrated Bands You Should Be Listening To

4. The Orielles

Sisters Esmé Dee and Sidonie B Hand-Halford fortify this group based in the northern part of England. Though they’re relative unknowns at this point, the band has been a fixture when it comes to touring all over the U.K. There’s an airy quality to the vocals. This isn’t a major shock — considering one of the band’s major influences comes in the way of The Pixies. Though alternative, it’s more of a pop sound rather than an edgy one. Nonetheless, they’re a band to look out for in the upcoming years.

Tracks to check out: Twin Freaks, Jobin, Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist), I Only Bought It For The Bottle

Image Source: Orielles Facebook Page/Photo by Neelam Khan Vela

5. Jafaris

Jafaris (real name Percy Chamburuka) came to fame from the hit 2016 film Sing Street. While not classically an actor, Jafaris has been a staple within the emerging rap scene in Dublin. The young artist is highly experimental with his work — both musically and visually. Paired with Nathan Barlow, the two have created a plethora of aesthetically pleasing music videos. Stylistically, Jafaris is a hip-hop artist — though he certainly dabbles with jazz and soul elements. His authoritative voice has a true richness to it. In 2017, Jafaris released an EP entitled Velvet Cake.

Tracks to check out: Love Dies, If You Love Me, What You Lookin Ah, Trees

Image Source: Jafaris Facebook