17 Underrated Bands You Should Be Listening To

1. Bedroom (Noah Kittinger)

Hailing from Nashville, 20-something Noah Kittinger has already shown versatility beyond his years. Many of his tracks attempt to hit on different notes — whether they’re guitar-heavy or reminiscent of ’90’s psychedelic pop. All the same, Kittinger’s ‘Bedroom’ project should be lauded. He’s a virtual unknown at this point from a commercial standpoint. With that said, he’s currently in the midst of a West Coast tour over the month of March. It’s only a matter of time until Kittinger’s unique sound breaks out.

Tracks to check out: Nothing Lasts, Nostalgic Feel, Clean, All My

Image Source: Noah Kittinger Facebook/Photo by Colton Bailey

2. Denitia and Sene

Denitia Odigie and Brian ‘Sene’ Marc have set Brooklyn on fire with their harmonious companionship. In what can best be described as slow R&B mixed with synths, Denitia can manipulate her voice in an immensely captivating way. It’s ‘chill’ electropop — and is best enjoyed whilst relaxing. Though it may not be fully intended by Denetia and Sene, there’s a sense of remembrance from an earlier time period. Denitia’s voice — coupled with the musical breakdown — hearkens back decades (the early-to-mid ’90’s). It’s undoubtedly pleasant nonetheless.

Tracks to check out: Casanova, Divided, Trip.Fall., Runnin.

Image Source: Denitia and Sene Facebook

3. Blu

Blu (real name John Barnes III) perfectly embodies the rap scene in Los Angeles. With smooth ballads and thoughtful commentary, Blu emotionally connects to generations past and present. He’s not fond of the ‘mainstream’ idea — and would rather operate independently. Regardless, Blu has developed cult followings all over the world. He’s the rare case of an artist immersed in the soul of the craft rather than the insatiable drive for materialistic goals. Had he been wired differently, Blu would be spoken about in the same breath as Snoop Dogg, Aloe Blacc, Ice Cube, and others with larger personas. To put it into perspective, Blu was J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar before J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar existed.

Tracks to check out:¬†Dancing In The Rain, Til’ We Die, The Return, Seasons

Image Source: Blu Facebook Page